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Masterclass: collaborative management

Collaboration is difficult to get right, but it’s essential to solving complex problems. This one-day course will give you the skills to work effectively with the many players in the natural resource sector.

Many problems in natural resource and river basin management are ‘wicked’ – and they involve multiple competing interests. Social, environmental and economic impacts of problems are managed by separate organisations as though they are disconnected. Society is fragmented and competitive, with different professions, communities and levels of government often holding conflicting views on the suitable management of natural resources.

Solving these ‘wicked’ problems takes collective action. This course gives you the skills to make collective action effective, using the six-step collective learning framework. In one day of practical, interactive learning, participants will apply this collective learning process to real-life natural resource issues. Guest practitioners will share their real-world experiences of using this approach to bring together diverse interests in solving complex problems.

The course is co-delivered by Judy Lambert, joint author of the Collective Learning framework, as well as the IWC’s Dr Regina Souter and Peter Wegener. Judy is a specialist in collaborative natural resource management. Regina has worked in collaborative natural resource management projects, education programs and research for fifteen years.  Peter has taught and worked on collaborative programs with governments, rural communities and NGOs in Asia, Australia and Africa. 

The course is offered during the International Riversymposium, a major conference on river management which will take place in Brisbane, from 23-26 September. If you’re coming from afar to attend Riversymposium, this course will ensure you get the most out of your visit.  

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