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Launch of hygiene book

IWC Alumnus Diane Cousineau attended the launch of the publication, Sharing experiences: Effective hygiene promotion in South-East Asia and the Pacific, on Global Handwashing Day celebrations in Fiji.
Launch of hygiene book

Fijian school children participating in handwashing activities. Photo courtesy of UNICEF


The morning celebration of Global Handwashing Day began with a few short presentations, the cutting of a Global Handwashing Day cake, a handwashing demonstration by Live and Learn, and 2000 children washing their hands together. 

"There was a lot of support behind the National Handwashing Committee’s initiative," Ms Cousineau said. Attendees included representatives from government, private companies involved in the day, UNICEF's Pacific Region Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) group, radio, newspaper and television. 

Copies of the free Sharing Experiences publication were given to the attendees. 

In the afternoon, 25 WASH practitioners attended workshops and presentations. 

"The practitioners were eager to meet each other and talk about their hygiene work," said Ms Cousineau. 

"It was really great to work with them and to be a part of one of the few opportunities they’ve had to talk together and share their experiences and challenges. 

"I learned so much about the Pacific region, and am really amazed at the diversity that exists, and the challenges that distance and such small populations pose." 


Download the free publication: Sharing experiences: Effective hygiene promotion in South-East Asia and the Pacific


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