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Ken Thiess Memorial Scholarship

IWC and the International Riverfoundation are proud to present the new Ken Thiess Scholarship for the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management to Olita Ogonjo for his outstanding commitment and dedication in improving the waterways in his home country of Kenya.
Ken Thiess Memorial Scholarship

Olita Ogonjo, Alec Peden, Mark Pascoe and Hon Rod Welford

The scholarship was set up in memory of Ken Thiess, a young man who died performing engineering duties on the construction of the Snowy Mountains Scheme.

"This course would make me a leader in water in Kenya, " Olita said. "I would have the opportunity to investigate Kenya's water issues under the guidance of water experts."


About the Scholarship

The Ken Thiess Memorial Scholarship is available to one recipient a year for the next five years.

It provides a valuable opportunity for five, young emerging community leaders from around the globe to develop their integrated water management knowledge and skills so that they may make a real and positive difference to the way water is managed in their local communities and countries in which they live.

The scholarship includes tuition, student overseas health care, food, accommodation and miscellaneous expenses, as well as a return flight to their home country.

It allows the student to undertake the Master of Integrated Water Management over a twelve month period.


Selection Criteria

Recipients of the Ken Thiess Memorial Scholarship will:

  • Be recognised as, or have the potential to be, a leader in integrated water management in their country or region
  • Have practical experience in integrated water management, or a related field
  • Pass the University of Queensland's minimum English language requirements
  • Have a four-year degree (Honours or equivalent) in a related field of study from an internationally recognised institution
  • Be academically stable
  • Be willing to make relevant presentations around Australia on their work in integrated water and work as an IRF ambassador
  • Be involved in IRF twinning projects or the IRF network
  • Meet all Australian visa requirements
  • Come from a country that has a recognised need
  • Be of good character
  • Make satisfactory academic progress throughout the program



Applications for the 2010 Ken Thiess Memorial Scholarship are now closed. 

To apply for the 2011 Ken Thiess Memorial Scholarship, please contact:

Dr Natalie Baker
Parnerships Manager


IWC Masters Scholarships



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