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IWC welcomes 2015 Masters cohort at The University of Queensland

47 professionals from all around the world met at The University of Queensland last week to begin the challenging and exciting journey of the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management.

"Cyclone Marcia hitting the Queensland coast heralded an exciting start to the 2015 Masters of Integrated Water Management program," said Dr Brian McIntosh, IWC Senior Lecturer and Education Program Manager.

Water professionals from 23 nationalities came together in Brisbane to start their journey learning about integrated water management, leadership and transformation in the water sector.

After an initial welcome and induction into IWC, the university and the program, the students participated in workshops and Masterclasses on Water Leadership and Critical Thinking, and lectures on New Perspectives on Project Management and the Science of Water and got to know each other through group work and problem-based-learning (PBL) activities.

"Seeing so many water professionals come together to engage in learning across disciplines, scales, boundaries and cultures is very exciting," Dr McIntosh said. "I can’t think of anywhere else where representatives of Australian Federal, State and Local Governments, utilities, mining companies and consulting firms mix and learn with professionals from South American, North American, African, European, Middle Eastern, South Asian and South East Asian Government agencies, utilities, consulting firms and NGOs. 

"The water sector faces profound challenges across the twenty first century as our rainfall patterns continue to change, our populations grow and our cities expand. Learning is at the heart of how we will collectively reshape the ways in which we access and use water globally."

"I chose the IWC Masters program because I want to be exposed to cutting-edge research that I can apply in my work," said one student.

"There isn't a strong emphasis in the US on an integrated approach to water management," said another. "You either study policy or science. Australia is known to have innovative solutions in water management, given their drought history."

"I look forward to being part of the conversation, specifically in the community consultation space," said another participant. "This program will enable me to attain employment all over Australia and internationally."

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