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IWC Water Leader Scholarship recipient story

IWC Scholarship recipient, Kevin Loh, speaks about the career journey that has led him to the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management, and what he hopes to achieve with it.
IWC Water Leader Scholarship recipient story

IWC Scholarship recipient Kevin Loh

After graduating with a Bachelors in Engineering (Chemical & Materials), I worked as a graduate in Auckland's largest wastewater treatment plant in New Zealand. After a year I decided to join GHD Pty Ltd as a Chemical Engineer in the Water & Wastewater Treatment Group. During this time I did a correspondence course with Massey University and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration, majoring in management.

Following that, I moved to the Cassowary Coast Regional Council in North Queensland, Australia in 2009 as a Water Services Engineer. In 2011 I obtained my Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) status via Engineers Australia, and decided to make the move into the coal seam gas industry with Origin Energy, based in Milton, Brisbane, where I still am to this day as a Water Development Analyst.

I was drawn to the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management because it offers me the chance to learn from a mix of industry leaders, academics and international experts. This, by itself, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Throughout my career, I have always had the opportunity to be mentored by specialists in their fields - their uncanny ability to draw forth knowledge from their wealth of experience still amazes me.

The IWC Masters program will certainly broaden my perspective with water issues surrounding the global community. Having lived in three different countries has given me a strong desire to study water from a much wider perspective, which is exactly what I aim to get out of this program.

I consider myself to have three 'home countries', all of which have special places in my heart. I hope to create more awareness of environmental issues in Malaysia, encourage development of water related technologies in New Zealand, and provide an open and fair forum for discussion of water issues here in Australia.


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