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IWC trains trainers in irrigation and sustainable water resources management

As part of the Australian Government's Australia Pakistan Agricultural Scholarships Short Course Award, IWC and The University of Queensland (UQ) designed and delivered a six-week program for training trainers in Australia and Pakistan.

Twenty-three participants from the public sector, universities, NGO’s and research centres took part in the training, of which five weeks took place in Australia and in Pakistan.

The course focused primarily on Training Trainers in Irrigation and water conservation techniques and sustainable water resource management Participants explored water resource management issues in the areas of:

  • water harvesting techniques
  • on-farm irrigation
  • water user associations
  • water conveyance
  • salinity and  crop management
  • groundwater management and
  • gender integration in irrigation and water resource management.
Pakistan training 1

They met with Australian experts from UQ, IWC, Condamine Alliance, USQ, NCEA and other Australian organisations.

Field and institutional visits included sites such as:

  • agricultural research stations
  • irrigated farms
  • landholder cooperative organisations
  • orchards.

Pakistan training 2Gender integration was also addressed throughout the course, using practical activities with a focus on the different roles men and women play in irrigation and water management in Pakistan.

Scholarships such as this short course help professionals make a stronger contribution to Pakistan’s development and build Australia's bilateral relationship with Pakistan. They support Australia’s broader development assistance in Pakistan, prioritising professionals who are already working in education, agriculture and rural development.



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