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IWC hosting 20 Indonesian national planning agency staff for ALA Fellowships

The 20 water professionals from BAPPENAS, Indonesia's national planning agency, are participating in a four-week AusAID Australian Leadership Awards Fellowships program in Australia in September and October.
IWC hosting 20 Indonesian national planning agency staff for ALA Fellowships

Stradbroke Island field trip

The International WaterCentre’s Fellowship program uses a combination of academic studies, in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops and presentations with leading researchers from IWC's member universities, and study tours to climate-change affected river basins, coastal areas, and watersheds.

The program focuses on adaptation and resilience in areas such as Water Supply and Sanitation, River Basin Management, Water Allocation, Water Demand Management, and Disaster Management.

Topics covered:

  • Climate change issues
  • Planning for water supply and total sanitation in vulnerable climates
  • Adaptation and resilience in water management
  • Environmental flows
  • Marine ecosystem and tropical aquatic system health in a climate change context
  • Water planning and allocation in a climate change context
  • Capacity building and community development
  • Water and gender in project management

Study Tours:

  • Headlands to the Coast – Whole-of-catchment management. Focus will be on climate change issues such as water scarcity; quality and quantity management and monitoring; water storage and treatment; water recycling for human consumption.
  • Stradbroke Island - stakeholder engagement and conflict of interests; ground water issues; local government management of water resources.
  • Coastal Water Resource Management in the Tropics - considering water event issues such as cyclones, flooding; rising water levels and temperatures due to climate change.
  • Far North Queensland - Remote sanitation and water supply in indigenous communities, problems and solutions of infrastructure, service provision and administration of difficult to service areas with limited resources



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