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IWC Scholarship recipient to drive change through education and research

Kimberly Worsham, a Director at NYC H2O in the United States, plans on using the skills and knowledge she gains in the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management to change the relationship between people and water systems by becoming an educator and researcher.

"NYC H2O is a water education NGO with whom I've volunteered since 2011," said Kimberly. "I work with the founder to create and secure grant funding for public education events that help elucidate our city's relationship with water and sanitation. It has been a rewarding experience seeing the light bulb go off inside the heads of children and adults alike during our programs.

"I find the interdisciplinary nature of our work to be vital. I need to visualise the many-sided die of water discussions in order to feel comfortable making decisions. Knowing all of the many different pieces that fit together and are a part of the world of water is essential to improving water management.

"I believe learning about the integrative ways to manage water will bring me to a place where I can pursue my PhD in water and sanitation. Ultimately, the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management will better enable me to become an expert researcher and educator who can shape our future water experts and stakeholders in further creating sustainable improvements to the water management of global communities."

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