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IWC online course promotes behaviour change for WASH

IWC is now offering a new, highly interactive, 10-week WASH and Behaviour Change online training course, which empowers WASH practitioners to incorporate behaviour change strategies into their project design and delivery.
IWC online course promotes behaviour change for WASH

IWC online training WASH and Behaviour Change

IWC Online Training WASH and Behaviour Change web iconLessons from the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector indicate that improving access to infrastructure or education and awareness programs are not enough to solve the problems faced by communities lacking access to appropriate facilities and services. The adoption of improved behaviours by individuals, communities and enablers is critical to providing WASH outcomes with positive and sustainable impacts.

“This course should not only introduce participants to the theory and principles of behaviour change, but give them a chance, with fellow students, to work out how to apply that theory,” said Ben Fawcett, Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Advanced Water Management Centre, The University of Queensland, and course teacher.

The course covers topics such as:

  • understanding the need for, and role of, behaviour change integration into WASH programs
  • alternatives to education and awareness strategies for changing behaviours
  • planning and designing interventions that address risky WASH behaviours using behaviour change strategies, and
  • implementing and evaluating behaviour change interventions within WASH programs.

Those working in the WASH sector will benefit from the course, said Ben Fawcett, because "they will both understand how important and widespread the need for behaviour change is in their work, but also, how they can plan to bring this about. In this way their work should become more effective and sustainable.”


The course is designed for WASH practitioners working in:

  • civil society or non-government organisations
  • government institutions
  • donor organisations, and
  • the water/sanitation/hygiene industries.

It especially caters to those in Asia-Pacific time zones.


The course takes place from 1 October – 5 December 2014


The course takes place entirely online, using a range of learning activities, including:

  • interactive classrooms
  • flipped learning
  • quizzes
  • group projects
  • discussion forums.


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