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Brisbane: Asia-Pacific’s water portal to Australia

“Healthy rivers and aquatic ecosystems are at the very heart of sustainability of our societies and economies,” says Wouter Lincklaen Arriens of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Food, health, livelihoods, tourism, etc, all depend upon sustainable access to clean water.
Brisbane: Asia-Pacific’s water portal to Australia

IWC Knowledge Hub partners at the launch

Mr Lincklaen Arriens, Lead Professional for Water Resources Management at the ADB and Vice-Secretary General of the Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) Secretariat, was speaking at the launch of the International WaterCentre’s (IWC) Knowledge Hub for Healthy Rivers and Aquatic Ecosystems, part of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum’s network of regional water knowledge hubs.

More than 100 people from 14 countries participated in the launch. “We see that IWC in Brisbane is already serving as the Asia-Pacific’s portal to water resources expertise in Australia,” Mr Arriens said.

The IWC is working with its 16 knowledge hub partners to disseminate Australia’s best practice and expertise on the management and protection of healthy rivers and the aquatic ecosystems that depend on them, while also learning from the great body of knowledge and expertise already existing in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Where there is crisis there are opportunities, and here we talk about opportunities for collaboration in new and expanded ways,” Mr Arriens said. “South East Queensland is a good example of how a Government-Corporate-Society partnership for water delivers results by involving state, city and local governments, catchment organisations, private sector, civil society and other knowledge partners, especially the universities.”

On the ‘ground level’, the IWC will work with river basin organisations in the Asia-Pacific region to devise solutions in water management tailored to local needs and challenges.

“Our strength is in collaboration,” says IWC CEO Mark Pascoe. “The IWC and its Knowledge Hub partner organisations are all experts in various fields of water management. By combining our strengths and working with local experts in the region we can be more effective in building up a critical mass of capacity to address these water management challenges.”

The International WaterCentre is dedicated to providing the most advanced education and training, applied research and consulting to develop capacity and promote whole-of-water cycle approaches to integrated water management around the world.

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