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Australian Water Partnership delivers input to High-Level Panel on Water

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) has launched the Australian Water Reform Narrative series and a set of framing papers developed as an input to the UN/World Bank High-Level Panel on Water during World Water Week.
Australian Water Partnership delivers input to High-Level Panel on Water

IWC contributes to Australian inputs to High-Level Panel on Water, launched at World Water Week in September

Four framing papers developed as the Australian input to the UN/World Bank High Level Panel on Water (HLPW) were launched by the AWP and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) during World Water Week in Stockholm. With contributions from a number of water experts across Australia, including inputs from the Australian Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Reference Group, the submission will contribute to the Panel's development of a Plan of Action to be presented later this month.

Launch of Australian Water Reform Narrative series

The Australian Water Reform Narrative series was launched on 1 September during Stockholm World Water Week 2016. Authored by Dr Jane Doolan in consultation with a number of water experts in the public and private sector, the series consists of two narrative papers - the Overview Paper, describing the evolution of Australian water policy and management over the past three decades, and a paper on the arrangements preceding and during the Millennium Drought, and lessons learned through that period.

There was also a ‘soft’ launch of the Four framing papers that respectively explore: Valuing Water; Human Settlements; Building Resilient Economies and Communities Through the Effective Management of Water Scarcity and Drought; and Gender and SDG6: The Critical Connection. The Australian WASH Reference Group contributed to the discussion and development of key messages within the Gender paper.

Read the framing papers and the Australian Water Reform Narrative series at the Australian Water Partnership Knowledge Resource page.

High-Level Panel on Water

Representatives of the High-Level Panel on Water attended World Water Week in Stockholm, participating in various events, and engaging with the broader water community. The HLPW aims to mobilise global support for the implementation of the water-related Sustainable Development Goals. 

During the week the Panel identified key areas considered critical to achieving the SDGs, including: resilient economies and societies, universal access to safe water and sanitation, human settlements, water and environment, and water infrastructure. 

A plan of action for the HLPW will be presented on 21 September in New York.

Australian WASH Reference Group

The WASH Reference Group is a community of practice of dedicated non-government organisations and research institutions who are working together to enhance Australian-based sanitation and water initiatives overseas.

The WASH Reference Group aims to strengthen and improve the quality of  Australia’s response to the global sanitation and water crisis. We do this through a community of practice of Australian NGOs, academia and the private sector that come together to exchange knowledge and best practice and build awareness and support for WASH.

Members of the Group interact regularly on an informal and formal basis. The Group also regularly engages in constructive dialogue with Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which recognises the Reference Group as a focal point for engagement and policy and programming dialogue on WASH.

More information

To find out more about World Water Week visit the World Water Week event site

For information on the IWC’s involvement in the Australian WASH Reference Group or inputs to the framing papers provided to the UN/World Bank High-level Panel on Water contact us:
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