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IWC Annual Partners Forum - Integrated Water Management: Global scenes, needs and futures

The International WaterCentre invites you to join its Annual Partners Forum on Monday 5th September 2011 (1 - 8pm) at the Rydges South Bank Hotel, Brisbane (free event).

Integrated Water Management (IWM) remains a complex yet critical ambition globally. As we make progress towards the paradigm of IWM, we are realising that many challenges are more complex than originally thought, and new challenges are emerging.

The mission of the International WaterCentre is to create tomorrow’s leaders in water management by changing the way people think about, act, and solve complex water management challenges. To encourage this, we are convening a panel of esteemed speakers to share with us their thought-provoking views on where IWM is headed.

The forum format will be interactive, allowing participants to further explore ideas suggested by panel members, and to present new ideas.

Following the forum, all participants are invited continue conversations with panel members and the IWC over Drinks and Canapés (6 - 8pm).

The IWC’s interest is in fostering research, education and training activities that are integrated in nature: that require synergies across disciplines and institutions to solve complex IWM problems. Consequently, we highly value collaboration and see this forum as an opportunity to foster collaboration for IWM. 

In addition to hearing some views on the future directions of IWM, this will be an excellent opportunity to interact with your IWM colleagues, including our partners (The International RiverFoundation and SEQ Healthy WaterWays) and member universities (The University of Queensland, Griffith University, Monash University and The University of Western Australia).

Detailed Program: "The future of Integrated Water Management" Forum

1:15pm - Arrival
1:30pm - Welcome(Mark Pascoe)
1:35pm - Panelists:

  • Leith Boully (Healthy Waterways Ltd)
  • Nigel Tapper (Monash University)
  • Paul Lehmann (AusAID)

2:30pm - Opinions on the future of IWM from the floor
3:00pm - Afternoon tea
3:30pm - Panelists:

  • Paul Greenfield (The University of Queensland)
  • Chris Davis (National Water Commission)

4:30pm - Open discussion
5:00pm - IWC Partners: views on the future IWM challenges to be addressed
6:00pm - Drinks and canapés
8:00pm - Finish


Venue: Level 12 Rooftop, Rydges South Bank Hotel, 9 Glenelg St, South Bank, Brisbane.

Contact: if you want to register, please contact Regina Souter:
Phone: 07 3123 7766  |  Email:


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