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IWC Alumnus joins Abundant Water to give remote Lao communities clean water

IWC Masters graduate, Nathan Cammerman, has been appointed Director of Business Partnerships in the Australian-based voluntary organisation Abundant Water.

Nathan Cammerman graduated with IWC's first cohort of Master of Integrated Water Management students in 2008. After graduating, Nathan established Integrated Water and Resource Management (IWRM) Pty Ltd, a consultancy firm focusing on the sustainable management of water resources.

He has now also taken on this new role in Abundant Water, a not-for-profit organisation bringing accessible water filtration technology to remote communities in developing countries.

Abundant Water

By teaching local villagers to make clay pottery water filters based on technology partly developed at Australian National University, Abundant Water works alongside remote communities to reduce disease and death through the provision of clean water.

They assist families, schools and villages to prevent diseases that we in the developed world rarely think about, including dysentery, gastro-enteritis, cholera and typhoid.

To date, Abundant Water has provided over 7,000 people with safe, reliable access to clean water, while facilitating knowledge sharing, partnership building, training and research, and development.

How can you help?

Abundant Water is looking for financial and in-kind partners and supporters who value what they are, share their vision and want to be part of their future.

Commitments to the program can be annual, quarterly or one–off. They also welcome partners who can assist with research support to drive innovation with their clay filters.  

Click here to support Abundant Water's valuable program:

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