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Masters students organise Insanitation: 100 decorated toilets in the Brisbane CBD to raise awareness about the lack of sanitation in the developing countries.

Bob McMullan at the Insanitation Exhibition

While we laugh at Kenny’s World adventures exploring toilets, there are 2.6 billion people, or 40% of the global population, who don’t have any access to safe sanitation. The deaths of 75,000 children could be prevented this year in South-East Asia and the Pacific with access to basic sanitation.

Insanitation is an exhibition of 100 decorated toilets in the Brisbane CBD today, 19 November 2008, to mark the 8th annual World Toilet Day.

Toilets decorated by artists, companies, individuals, and businesses will be displayed in the Brisbane Square today to raise awareness about this issue.

Organised by two Master of Integrated Water Management students, Kristal Burry and Diane Cousineau, and supported by International WaterCentre and other organisations, Insanitation aims to educate the general public about the grim facts of deprivation, health and education due to lack of sanitation.

“If we wish to ‘make poverty history', if we want to help reduce childhood mortality, then sanitation is the place to start, for without water and sanitation, we cannot achieve these goals” said Kristal.

“Diseases caused by poor sanitation and un-safe water have some of the highest mortality and morbidity rates around the world" added Diane.

Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance, Bob McMullan will speak on the Federal Government’s response to the sanitation crisis at 4:30 at the Centre Stage of the Queen Street Mall.

The event is held from 10 am – 5 pm on Queen Street Mall (33 Queen Street). Visitors can view posters and a photo exhibition at the display area and talk to event organisers about global sanitation issues.


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