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Griffith University lecturer wins IWC Prize of Excellence

Dr Jim Smart, Senior Lecturer in Griffith University's School of Environment, has been awarded the IWC Prize of Excellence in Integrated Water Management Education.

Dr Smart, who teaches Water Planning and Economics in the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management, was awarded the prize for the outstanding feedback he has received from students over three consecutive semesters. He was presented with the prize at the MIWM Program Curriculum Committee Meeting last week.

“Jim Smart was an excellent lecturer," said one participant. "He made what I anticipated to be a really boring subject (economics) really interesting. His enthusiasm for the subject showed and he made the lectures quite entertaining.”

“Economic classes were outstanding, particularly the lecturer's knowledge, experiences and teaching methods," said another participant. "Well structured, very detailed explanations, both verbally and in writing.”

“Economics was a new area for me," said another, 'but I felt that the lecturers were very patient and went out of their way to help me to understand the concepts. Dr Jim Smart even spent an hour on Skype helping me understand particular aspects of economics.”

IWC congratulates Dr Smart on the prize, and on the inspiration he engenders in students. "We are proud to have such great teachers among our staff," said Dr Brian McIntosh, IWC Senior Lecturer. "This is another example of the benefits of our partnership with Griffith."

Water Planning and Economics module

The Water Planning and Economics module introduces participants to principles of water planning and economic concepts of water management and planning. Using Australia as a learning model, participants are introduced to economic and social impact analyses which are key aspects of water planning and management. There is an emphasis on foundational concepts and methodologies and the need to integrate economic, social, legal and environmental perspectives in planning against a background of uncertainty and change. 

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