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Focusing on Global Change at UQ

The University of Queensland has responded to the global challenge of escalating global population, a changing climate, and increasing demand on finite resources, with the establishment of the Global Change Institute (GCI).

The GCI will focus on providing a vehicle for collaborative research, leadership, engagement and advocacy in major global change issues as well as creating expert based innovations for the problems and opportunities of today and tomorrow.

Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Founding Director of the Global Change Institute, is well known as a trailblazer of scientific research on climate change, particularly relating to corals. He has built a successful marine studies program at UQ, and has combined his academic and research activities with worldwide communication and engagement with industry, government, the non-government sector, research organisations, and communities.

Harnessing the efforts and brilliance of UQ’s researchers across the disciplines, the Global Change Institute will work on finding solutions to key challenges such as sustainable cities, food security, water, climate change, renewable energy, population health, and the environment.


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