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Emerging leaders converge on Brisbane

Twenty-one emerging water leaders gathered in Brisbane, Queensland for the first intensive training session of the second IWC Water Leadership Program.

Twenty-one professionals from around Australia participated in their first intensive training session in Brisbane this month as part of the International WaterCentre (IWC) Water Leadership Program.

The participants come from a wide diversity of backgrounds, including urban design, engineering, project management, hydrology, consultancy and compliance analysis.

The five training days included trainers and guest speakers from Australian and New Zealand universities, as well as current and former executives from water agencies such as Healthy Waterways Ltd, Qld Urban Utilities, Brisbane City Council and Melbourne water. Participants also visited two integrated water management sites - Fitzgibbon Chase and Bulimba Creek Oxbow rehabilitation project - and met with local leaders and practitioners.

The training forms part of a nine-month feedback-intensive leadership development program which runs each year from 1 December to 31 August. The program includes one-to-one coaching sessions, online discussions, challenging leadership projects, follow-up training in July, 360-degree feedback, individual leadership development plans, and group mentoring by four highly experienced executives from the water industry.

Water Leadership Program workshop"This course is a good opportunity for blended/practical learning with real industry experience," said Jessica Turner, Environmental Officer for City of Perth.

IWC Leadership Specialist and Program Coordinator Dr André Taylor said the face-to-face training is a critical component of the program. “The training sessions are important for three reasons: first, they help the participants build specific leadership capabilities that are associated with effective water leadership; second, they provide an opportunity for participants to build individual leadership development plans; and third, they involve interaction between a diverse group of enthusiastic participants, leadership specialists and water industry leaders, including some of the most respected executive leaders in our industry such as Professor Rob Skinner and Ms Jude Munro.”Water Leadership Program field trip

Zinta Lazdins, Water Leadership Program scholarship recipient, said, "My interest in water issues in a development context has been increasing over the last four to five years. Through involvement in the IWC Water Sensitive Cities study tour in 2012 I started forming networks, and I realised that leadership skills were critical in influencing the future of urban development, particularly in my role as a local government landscape architect in a high growth area."



The IWC Water Leadership Program is customised for water industry professionals at the project to middle management level (i.e. non-executives). The program is based on sound research within the water industry and is delivered in partnership with experienced leadership specialists and industry practitioners. 

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