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Early-bird registration closes this week for National Water Education Conference

The Water Education Conference, Water Efficiency Conference and Water Skills Conference will run in parallel in Sydney, Australia, 5-7 March 2013

Water Education Conference

Education and community engagement are key components for sustainable water management. This space is ever changing and effectively engaging with schools and communities means adapting to new frameworks, technologies and priorities. The fastest way to learn is from each other and this conference will facilitate networking, sharing ideas and professional development for anyone who is involved in water education or community programs.


Water Efficiency Conference

Australia has achieved incredible levels of water efficiency, developed an experienced diverse team of water professionals and an informed community. However, water efficiency is still an integral part of the suite of responses to water planning and management for areas that still have restricted supply. More than ever water efficiency and the associated message of conservation is needed to minimise our use of energy intensive supply sources that will have an impact on green house gases and community water bills.


Water Skills Conference

The Australian Water Industry is facing a skills shortage. Generational shifts, competition for talent and changes to how we deliver water all widen the skills gap. This conference brings together a diverse industry to share expertise and knowledge to ensure we attract, develop and retain skilled personnel to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.


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