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Download free WASH Conference 2011 report

This report aims to provide a succinct overview of the key messages arising from the WASH 2011 Conference held in Brisbane, Australia.

The ‘WASH Conference 2011: Towards Sustainability in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene’ was held in Brisbane from 16th to 20th May 2011. 

This conference followed the ‘Sanitation and Water 08’ conference held in Melbourne in 2008 which aimed to boost the efforts to tackle the global sanitation crisis as part of the International Year of Sanitation. 

In 2011 ‘sustainability’ was the focus; although in recent years effort has been directed towards scaling-up the spatial coverage of services and reaching targets, it is vital to ensure that services are sustainable in the long-term and current approaches need to be re-considered with that requirement in mind.

A total of 237 people from 40 countries participated in WASH 2011. Of these participants, just under half were from nongovernmental organisations and the other half were from donor, government, academic and consulting domains. AusAID also supported 27 delegates from developing countries.

Download the WASH 2011 Conference report


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