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CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, located in Monash University, Australia, brings together the inter-disciplinary research expertise and thought-leadership to undertake research that will revolutionise water management in Australia and overseas.

The CRC was created to deliver, in collaboration with over 70 research, industry and government partners, the socio-technical urban water management solutions, education and training programs, and industry engagement required to make towns and cities water sensitive. With a research budget in excess of $100million, its research over the next nine years will guide capital investments of more than $100 Billion by the Australian water sector and more than $550 Billion of private sector investment in urban development over the next 15 years.

Approximately 50 stakeholders met recently to stimulate interest and reflection on the role of leadership in transitioning to water sensitive cities and to create an interactive dialogue on the current knowledge adoption pathways being used in SEQ and the potential role of the CRC to enhance adoption in the future.

IWC's Fiona Chandler has joined the CRC as a Co-Leader for Program D – Adoption Pathways. Fiona’s focus is to support research adoption activities in Qld, NSW and ACT.

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