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Collaboration in stormwater harvesting - learning to move from theory to practice

Read the Ozwater’12 workshop report by the Urban Water Security Research Alliance (UWSRA) and International WaterCentre (IWC)

Stormwater is a substantial and yet largely untapped urban water source. In South-East Queensland, 245–750GL/year of stormwater flows unused from cities, compared with 350GL of water used for urban purposes in 2010. Other cities are similar.

However, embedding the constructive use of stormwater as a resource in Australia remains elusive. Many challenges exist and, as a consequence, stormwater runoff continues to have numerous negative ecological impacts, degrading streams and contributing to erosion and sediment loading, while water supplies for our cities are imported from elsewhere, incurring energy costs and the requirement for significant capital investment in pipe and pump infrastructure.

This report, which encapsulates the background and motivation for the Ozwater'12 workshop as well as the outcomes, has been prepared by Steven J Kenway (Consultant, UWSRA), Dr Brian S McIntosh (International WaterCentre), David Hamlyn-Harris (Director, Bligh Tanner Pty Ltd), Adrian Crocetti (Brisbane City Council), Simon Toze (CSIRO), Don Begbie (Director, UWSRA) and Sharon Biermann (UWSRA).

Click here to download Collaboration in Stormwater Harvesting workshop report (extract from AWA Water Journal August 2012 issue).


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