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Clearwater launches new online tool (C56)

This C56 Tool is an online interactive decision pathway designed to assist water practitioners, consultants and council understand and assess whether Clause 56.07-4 applies to a residential subdivision within Victoria.

C56 Online Tool

The C56 Tool is a Clearwater initiative developed in collaboration with Melbourne Water, Department for Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV). It draws together existing guidelines and resources and promotes a consistent application of the Clause.  

Representatives from a number of organisations including local government tested the tool in its development stages and identified it as a central hub for guidance, related resources/links and a useful training module for new starters. 

Key features of the C56 Tool include:

• Quick and easy navigation
• User friendly
• Guidance, tips and related links are integrated throughout the decision pathway
• Useful suite of fact sheets including on-site treatment considerations and offset processes
• Advice for council section with an assessment flowchart and checklists
Upcoming opportunity to learn about the C56 Tool and Clause 56.07-4 review:

Visit Clearwater website for upcoming opportunities to learn more about the C56 Tool and the Clause 56.07-4 review.


Clearwater upcoming events

About Clearwater

Clearwater delivers training, events and advice to support water professionals in building knowledge and skills in the following areas of Sustainable Urban Water Management (SUWM).

The program is founded on partnerships and links with local, state and federal government, research institutions and commercial industry. Clearwater is hosted and funded by Melbourne Water with special project funding provided by DSE, MAV and EPA. Clearwater has also recently partnered with the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities.




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