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Civil engineer to use IWC Masters scholarship for humanitarian work

"I have always wanted to develop myself to fulfil my professional potential, and after working with humanitarian agencies I knew that it was in this field that I gained most job satisfaction and personal fulfilment."

IWC Master of Integrated Water Management scholarship recipient Ben Cartwright from Wales has a background in the UK construction industry, working with humanitarian agencies delivering water and infrastructure projects in the Middle East and Africa, and working on a nuclear decommissioning site. He now aspires to move more into the field of water management.

"I work well in integrated teams and I value early integration and involvement of stakeholders in projects as the key to successful outcomes," Ben said. "With this in mind, I researched various courses and the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management stood out as one that aligned most with these personal strengths and development aspirations.

"All the MIWM foundation modules appeal to me and I have specific interest in the international development modules. I have a practical approach to work so saw the problem-based learning as very suited to me, and I liked the idea of studying with a multi-national group of people so this all further reinforced my decision."


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