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Catchment Manager to use IWC Scholarship to help achieve change in Sydney's urban water sector

IWC Scholarship recipient, Erin Sellers, wants to use the skills and knowledge he gains from the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management to promote more integrated catchment management and collaborative planning practices for transitioning to Water Sensitive Cities.

"The legacy of traditional approaches cannot be addressed effectively using the same paradigm under which they were created," Erin said.

"Traditional approaches are now gradually giving way to a sustainable urban water management approach that recognises that complex water problems (often described as a wicked problem) can only be solved by multiple professions working collaboratively to address not only technical issues, but to build political and community support, improve institutional capacity and pursue regulatory reform."

The importance of an inter-disciplinary approach is now well acknowledged at Fairfield City Council where he works.

"I’m fortunate to be leading a uniquely integrated, multi-disciplinary team that has skills in engineering and environmental science, and is well set-up to engage with other professions, such as urban planning, landscape architecture and social science.

"We are currently applying an inter-disciplinary approach to our catchment planning process, which is based on the early work done for Marrickville Council by Professors Rebekah Brown and Tony Wong and is informed by the research from the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities.

"Ultimately, we should expect that the inter-disciplinary approach will greatly help in generating solutions to our water problems that are not only technically feasible, but are appropriate to the social, political and institutional context in which they are to be applied."

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