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Bremer River Forum

To facilitate the wide ranging discussion required on the issues facing the Bremer and the solutions necessary to restore it to health, the Ipswich City Council, International Riverfoundation, International WaterCentre and International WaterForum are working together to host the Bremer River Forum as part of the Ipswich 150 year celebrations.
Bremer River Forum

Bremer River, Ipswich

“The poor health of the Bremer River, as reflected in consistently low Healthy Waterways Report Card scores, is something that should concern the entire Ipswich community. Together, it is up to all of us - community groups and local businesses together with Council - to work to restore the river that is the lifeblood of our native fauna and flora, and a vibrant feature of our cityscape.

“I urge everyone to get involved in reviving the Bremer such as by participating in the upcoming Bremer River Forum.”

Mayor of Ipswich, Paul Pisasale

Download Bremer River Forum program and registration brochure

In an attempt to improve water quality within the catchment, local community groups have been involved in such activities as riparian re-vegetation, fencing, weed control, and seeking to improve the management of ground- and river-water allocations. However, much more needs to be done to ensure the health of the Bremer River doesn’t deteriorate further - the restoration of the Bremer River is an ongoing journey which you can be a part of.

In order to arrest the failing health of the Bremer River, it is imperative that the sources of the problem are understood, and that all stakeholders concerned have the opportunity to participate in the development and delivery of solutions.

As a participant of the Bremer River Forum, you will have the opportunity to take part in discussions of identified solutions for the Bremer River and its catchment.

Delegates representing natural resource practitioners and researchers, government, community and industry representatives will attend the full day event.

  • Date: Thursday 15 April
  • Venue: Metro Hotel Ipswich International, 43 South Street, Ipswich
  • Time: 9:00am
  • Cost: $40.00 (includes catering)


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