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Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Fellowships professional development program

In July 2010 the IWC will conduct a ten-week training program in Water Supply Management in an Integrated Water Resources Management context for a group of professionals from the Indonesia Water Supply Association (PERPAMSI).
Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Fellowships professional development program

A 2009 group of ALA Fellows from Indonesia and the Philippines

The ALA Fellows come from a cross-section of backgrounds, for example, hydrologists, hydro-geologists, IT and hydraulics experts and engineers. A diverse group like this is important as Indonesia works towards an integrated water resource management approach.

The program will be tailored to the needs and interests of the Fellows, focusing on areas such as sanitation and public health in rural and peri-urban areas, utility management and coastal water resource management in the tropics. Comparative Australian and international case studies will be used throughout the program to enhance learning.

Before arrival

Before arrival in Australia the Fellows will work with their colleagues in Indonesia to develop an individual work plan and project for the Fellowship period. This individual work plan will identify a manageable project for that will contribute to the institutional goals of PERPAMSI and make use of the knowledge gained through the program.

Training program

Two weeks of intensive foundation classes in climate change, environmental science and natural resources as part of an English for Specific Purposes program offered by Griffith University, a partner of IWC. These modules are taught by Environmental Scientists who are also qualified English as a Second Language Teachers

Six weeks of Lectures/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Presentations

  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water pricing
  • Water and gender
  • Adaptation and resilience in water supply management
  • Capacity building and community development
  • Project management

Two weeks of study tours

  • Headlands to the Coast - Urban water supply management.
  • Remote Australian Water and Sanitation
  • Coastal Water Resource Management in the Tropics

Follow up activities

Upon their return to work the Fellows, with assistance from an IWC staff member, will facilitate a series of one-day workshops on IWRM to enable transfer of knowledge and skills to a broader base of PERPAMSI management staff. Fellows will remain members of the IWC and ALA Fellows Alumni groups. IWC will offer refresher professional training courses to Alumni and will assist PERPAMSI applications to attend important international water forums including the annual Riversymposium in Australia. Through these ongoing activities the Fellows will be able to continue their liaison with Australian professionals and share best practice and experiences.





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