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AusAID launches Development Research Strategy

Australia Funds Overseas Aid Research
AusAID launches Development Research Strategy

AusAID Development Research Strategy

As a first step in the long process of improving the quality and effectiveness of Australia's overseas aid, the Australian Government is implementing an enhanced three-year Development Research Strategy. 

'It is not good enough to just increase the quantity of aid, although that is very important, we must increase the quality of the aid as well,' said Bob McMullan, Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance.

'Therefore, the Australian Government will provide $8.8 million for 27 new Australian Development Research Awards.

'Good research leads to a more effective aid program. 

'The research will provide decision-makers with practical solutions to the most difficult development challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.'

Mr McMullan announced the strategy and the Development Research Awards at an international development conference in Brisbane.

The Development Research Strategy includes more research funding, higher quality research, improved communication and sharing of research findings, a commitment to build research capacity in the Asia-Pacific region, and a focus on research into the problems facing fragile states. 

The strategy will also strengthen important research partnerships across the Australian Government and with major donors in the region.

This inaugural round of the Australian Development Research Awards will fund 27 research proposals including seven proposals from overseas-based institutions.

Through these awards, Australia's research base will be strengthened in six key sectors: economic growth, gender equality, humanitarian assistance, health systems, HIV/AIDS and environment, forests and climate.  The funding will support research into the impact of HIV/AIDS harm reduction programs on law enforcement in South East Asia, incentives for reducing deforestation in Indonesia and PNG, and obstacles to economic reforms in the Pacific.

The awards will be conducted annually and complement other development research funded by AusAID, such as through our long-term partnerships with key Australian and international institutions, through directly commissioning research and engaging as an industry partner with Australian research organisations under the Australian Research Council Linkage Program.

AusAID Development Research Strategy 2008-10


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