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Apply now for Civil Society Innovation Award!

The purpose of this award is to highlight and showcase the innovative work of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)/ Non-government Organisations (NGOs) in improving WASH service delivery and sustainability. Submit a video of your project and your innovation could win a prize of AUD$10,000.

Does your CSO/NGO use a new and creative WASH approach, method, technique, or technology? Are you finding that innovation driving real change in your communities?

Submit a video about your innovation to the Civil Society WASH Fund sponsored competition which is being run as part of the WASH Futures 2016 Conference. Your innovation could win a prize of AUD$10,000. 


Apply now for the Civil Society Innovation Award.



First prize

$10,000 towards further dissemination of the innovation and/or capacity building and knowledge building activities for the CSO (eg. conference attendance, training courses). The CSO must propose how to spend prize money in their application form. Payment for activities will be managed directly by the CS WASH Fund Management Facility (managed by Palladium International Pty Ltd on behalf of the Australian Government).

Second prize

$2,500. Same conditions apply as per first prize.

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