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Abundant Water launches crowdfunding platform to empower Nepalese women

Abundant Water is launching a crowdfunding campaign called ‘Stories of abundance’ to empower disadvantaged Nepalese women. The campaign will finance a 4-week program to bring Lao potters to Nepal to train local women in producing their own ceramic drinking water filters and creating local businesses.
Abundant Water launches crowdfunding platform to empower Nepalese women

Noukham trains women in pottery

Abundant Water, a Canberra-based NGO, helps provide life-saving innovative and simple to use clay pottery water filters to remote areas in developing countries with inadequate infrastructure. The organisation makes a difference on the ground by, firstly, training potters in Laos to make their own ceramic drinking water filters and, secondly, helping local business people to market and sell these filters so that remote communities can develop their own sustainable clean water supply.

Since Abundant Water began in 2009, they have assisted thousands of remote and rural villagers across dozens of villages throughout Laos. For example, one program in Oudomxai Province showed that women and children saved themselves 270 hours of wood collection time per year once they replaced water boiling with filtration.

Due to the very positive results in Laos the organisation is now providing similar assistance in other parts of the world, such as Nepal. They are following a call for help from Nepali womens’ organisations to provide ceramic filter training to women potters to help them and their communities recover from the earthquake in Nepal earlier this year.

So far, Abundant Water has secured Nepali partners, and their Lao training team is on standby. However, the project in Bhaktapur near Kathmandu remains unfunded at this stage.

Nathan Cammerman, Director of Business Partnerships at Abundant Water, is also an IWC alumni who graduated in 2009 with the first cohort of students from the Master of Integrated Water Management program.


Get involved and help fund 'Stories of abundance'!

The crowdfunding campaign will launch on 24 November 2015 on Abundant Water's website and social media.


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Published 21 November 2015.


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