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A T-shaped future for water professionals?

IWC Senior Lecturer Brian McIntosh and IWC Leadership Specialist Andre Taylor share their knowledge and expertise on the ideal future water leader in a publication for environment industry practitioners.

Dr McIntosh and Dr Taylor highlight the importance of leadership in the water sector in an article featured in Sustainable Australia 2012. The article delves into the critical need for water professionals to provide effective leadership from the project level upwards to tackle 'wicked problems' of the 21st Century. A 'wicked problem' describes a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to pinpoint.

A future water leader needs to be a 'T-shaped Water Professional' to respond effectively to a 'wicked problem', according to Dr McIntosh and Dr Taylor. "A T-shaped water professional is someone who possesses deep specialist disciplinary or functional knowledge including a broad knowledge of other disciplines, organisational functions and the institutions in which they operate to be able to meaningfully co-construct and resolve a wicked problem," Dr McIntosh said.

Read the full article - 'A T-shaped future for water professionals?'

Sustainable Australia 2012 was distributed at this year's Ecoforum conference and exhibition, which was held in Sydney from 7-9 March. The event brought together environment industry practitioners and their clients to create new, innovative solutions to environmental problems, influence policy and find new business partners.


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