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13th International Riversymposium

13th International Riversymposium will be held at the Burswood Entertainment Complex in Perth, WA from 11 – 14 October 2010.

The program will focus on moving water and will be a kaleidoscope of activities and fascinating topics from around the globe focusing around 6 key themes –

The unimpeded movement of water through wild rivers, environmental flows, estuaries and groundwater as well as moving water across borders, through dams, agriculture, cities and multiple times through industry will be examined.

The latest in monitoring techniques and keeping communities engaged and determining the economic values of rivers will be discussed along with the changing states and strategies with impacts of climate change on rivers, discussions about drought and preventing freshwater extinctions as well as some exciting innovations in industry use of water. 

Our feature sessions and case studies will cut across the 6 key themes to bring examples from different continents, industry and research groups.  As usual, the program will encourage interactive discussion as much as possible with 30 minute discussion periods at the end of each session and a number of discussion fora held in the lunchtime breaks.  All delegates will share the celebrations of our various award winners and enjoy various networking opportunities at the social functions.

Delegates will benefit from keynote presentations by the following –

Monday 11 October

Session A1

  • Leon Braat, The Netherlands. Social and economic consequences of global post 2010 biodiversity policies
  • Minister Myung-Pil Shim, Office of National River Restoration, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime, Korea

Session A4

  • Richard Weller, UWA, Australia. Australia: the city. Creatively reconciling growth with environmental limitations in the 21st century

Tuesday 12 October

Session B1

  • Roger Pulwarty, NOAA, USA. Climate, watersheds and streams of thought - lessons learned and unlearned

Wednesday 13 October

Session C1

  • Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt, Australian National University, Australia. ‘Dancing With The River’ in Deltaic Bengal: an exploration of river, land and river islands

The program will conclude with an exciting debate around the statement “The oceans are our solution for future water”.

Visit our website – – for further information including full program, further information keynote speakers, case studies and features sessions, study tours and to register online for the conference.



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