Monitoring and evaluating sanitation marketing in the Pacific

Monitoring and evaluating sanitation marketing in the Pacific

The International WaterCentre (IWC) capacity development and training team recently returned from the Solomon Islands where they facilitated workshops on monitoring, evaluation and action research tools for the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing and Innovation Program.

Monitoring and evaluating sanitation marketing in the Pacific

Monitoring and evaluation workshop in the Solomon Islands in February

The workshops introduced local partner Live and Learn Solomon Islands to the Monitoring, Evaluation, Action Research and Learning (MEARL) plan that will underpin project monitoring as teams move into project implementation and scale-up.

During the week the team reviewed the MEARL plan and the monitoring and analysis tools to develop a set of country-specific tools to work with. These tools are categorised across the four key project areas – community hygiene, community sanitation, WASH in schools and the community-based sanitation enterprise.

An introduction to Action Research was also provided and the team discussed how Action Research is embedded in the process and implementation of project activities and actions. To demonstrate the ‘adaptive planning’ of Action Research the team chose one of the action research questions identified earlier in the week (‘what type of toilet is safe, affordable, appropriate and desirable?’) to workshop as a team. The Action Research cycle of Plan-Do-Reflect-Respond was applied to this question and the team reflected on how Action Research is a systematic way of planning the actions the team will need to take to overcome challenges or uncertainties.

What’s next?

Following this initial workshop in the Solomon Islands, the tools workshopped with the team will be refined and provided as a country-specific MEARL toolkit. Throughout 2016 the IWC team will visit the other Live and Learn partner teams in Vanuatu, Fiji and Papua New Guinea to replicate this workshop and provide ongoing support in the implementation of the MEARL plan.

The Project

The Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing and Innovation project is designed to increase access to non-subsidised improved sanitation for people of all ages, genders and special needs through the establishment of local enterprise groups (locally organised small business or co-operatives).

Sustainability is established by self-generated profit, cash flow and micro finance. It is maintained by developing the skills and knowledge of good appropriate sanitation options and construction techniques inside target communities with a high sense of ownership.

Read about the key outputs of the project and resources being developed and tested at Live & Learn’s project newsletter: and follow project updates from the Live & Learn Sanitation Marketing blog The Business.

More Information

Please contact Project Officer Annika Kearton
Tel +61 7 3014 0200

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