Mekong Delta water professionals visit Australia for trans-boundary water management training

Mekong Delta water professionals visit Australia for trans-boundary water management training

For three weeks the group from Viet Nam and Cambodia is travelling through Queensland and the Murray Darling Basin to talk to farmers, university professors, government officials and other members of the community to learn about Australian approaches to integrated water management.
Mekong Delta water professionals visit Australia for trans-boundary water management training

The training is funded by the Australian Awards Fellowships (AAF), an Australian Government funded aid program that provides funds for senior officials and mid-career professionals from overseas organisations to undertake short-term specialised research, study or professional development courses in Australia.

The training

“Improving trans-boundary water management in agricultural provinces in Viet Nam and Cambodia” is a program that builds the capacity of future leaders from provincial government organisations in the Mekong Delta in Integrated Water Management and sustainable agricultural development.

The course is delivered in Australia by IWC through leading experts from academia, government, industry and community representatives. Throughout the three-week course, participants engage in a series of presentations, workshops, case-studies and site visits focusing on Australian approaches to Integrated Water Management and their potential application to the Mekong Delta.

The participants

The course participants from Viet Nam are from five neighbouring provinces in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta, representing two key water-based agricultural systems: (1) the Long Xuyen Quadrangle, and (2) the Quan Lo – Phung Hiep irrigation systems. Both systems are cross-provincial and require cooperation between multiple jurisdictions in order to improve the management and development of the region’s land and water resources.

The Cambodian participants are from government organisations responsible for the development and management of water resources in Cambodia, including officials from provinces neighbouring the Vietnamese Long Xuyen Quadrangle. This trans-boundary region naturally floods during the wet season and is important for rice and aquaculture production in both countries. The livelihoods of those who live in this region are affected by decisions made by provincial and national governments of both Viet Nam and Cambodia.

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