Marshmallow Challenge fosters creativity in leadership workshop

Marshmallow Challenge fosters creativity in leadership workshop

50 PhD students and early career researchers from the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities explored influence, power and fostering innovation and creativity at an IWC-facilitated workshop in Melbourne.
Marshmallow Challenge fosters creativity in leadership workshop

Dr André Taylor, IWC Leadership Specialist, facilitated the interactive workshop – Leadership: Influence and Fostering Creativity – as part of a series of leadership development workshops for professionals from the the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities.

The marshmallow challenge was a group exercise that allowed participants to look at techniques to foster creativity in teams. “The marshmallow challenge was great because it really illustrated the importance of fostering creativity in different team dynamics,” one participant said.

Leadership marshmallow challengeDr Taylor also ran the Leading high performing teams in the water sector masterclass to help water practitioners lead high performing teams.

Part of a set of masterclasses linked to the recent CRC for Water Sensitive Cities conference in Melbourne, the class focused on the challenge of leading multi-disciplinary project teams that span functional silos within organisations.

Participants learned about the features of high performing and dysfunctional teams, important team roles, techniques to foster creativity and innovation in teams, and strategies to improve team leadership (including virtual team leadership).

They also explored features commonly associated with multi-disciplinary, cross boundary project teams in the water sector, and the implications of these features for team leadership strategies.

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