Leading sanitation specialist to facilitate WASH 2014

Leading sanitation specialist to facilitate WASH 2014

“Water, sanitation and hygiene for everyone, everywhere” is a noble goal – but can it be done?

Leading sanitation specialist to facilitate WASH 2014

Mrs BE Evans – WASH 2014 facilitator

This is a central question as the UNICEF/WHO Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) on Water and Sanitation prepares its next round of targets.

With twenty-five years of experience working in the field of water and sanitation service delivery in low-income urban and rural areas of South Asia, Africa and Latin America, Barbara Evans is more equipped to answer this question than most.

Ms Evans is a senior lecturer in Water and Environmental Engineering at the University of Leeds, and chairs the JMP’s Strategic Advisory Group. She will facilitate the WASH 2014 conference in Brisbane next March, where professionals from across the world will come together to exchange ideas and experiences.

“The WASH sector is growing and changing fast; at the end of the conference I hope everyone will be taking back new and exciting ideas about how to improve the resilience, sustainability and reach of their WASH programming.  The conference is designed in an informal participatory manner which nonetheless focuses on excellence in research and practice; our aim is to maximise the chances of participants meeting and spending time with new colleagues and having fun, while learning and growing as professionals.”

The JMP targets will be a central concern for the conference, particularly in terms of the actions that WASH practitioners may need to take to achieve these new, ambitious goals.

The International WaterCentre is delighted to have Ms Evans facilitating this complex conversation – with her extensive experience and involvement in the JMP, attendees can look forward to an informed, focused and pragmatic discussion.

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