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Applied research

IWC brings together leading researchers to understand the nature of WASH challenges and identify solutions. By bringing together the knowledge and expertise of researchers from around the world, we are able to deliver high quality, innovative and locally-relevant research outcomes, and enhance the capabilities of local research institutions. Our approach is to engage all stakeholders in the research processes and to ensure that the research outcomes are readily usable.

Institutional capacity partnerships

IWC provides support to implementing organisations, such as Civil Society Organisations (CSO), national and local governments, and funding organisations, to enhance their institutional capacity to design and deliver WASH programs. Partnerships are highly collaborative and designed to provide practically-focused expert input while building institutional capacity of the implementing organisation.

Knowledge sharing and events

IWC hosts a range of events to support knowledge sharing of best practices in water, sanitation and hygiene, including international conferences such as WASH 2011 and WASH 2014.

Education and training

IWC offers:

  • Master of Integrated Water Management — a number of course modules focus on developing countries as well as teach students fundamental engineering principles and tools to design and operate water and sanitation systems. In addition, the Water and Sanitation module introduces non-conventional approaches to water and sanitation.
  • Tailor-made training programs — our custom-designed capacity development programs are aimed at current and future water leaders with a vision for sustainable and integrated water management.
  • Online and distance learning — IWC is currently developing a selection of WASH and integrated water management training courses for remote or offshore participants to gain further knowledge and skills in WASH. The courses are designed to be highly interactive and practically-focused, drawing on real-world case studies. These courses will be available in 2014 and will include online training in WASH and Behaviour Change.

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