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IWC Water Leadership Coaching Services

One of the services the IWC offers to water practitioners is access to experienced and qualified leadership coaches who work in, and understand, the water sector. Such coaching is done within the IWC Water Leadership Program, but is also offered outside the program at any time on a user-pays basis.


The nature of the service

Having a leadership coach can be a powerful developmental relationship. A coach can:

  • help you to excel at ‘self leadership’ (i.e. knowing the personal values, nature, strengths and weaknesses and actively managing your life so that you are your best as a leader).
  • help you develop specific leadership strategies or skills.
  • help you work through challenging issues (e.g. a career transition).
  • help you build and implement a personalised leadership development plan to allow you to clarify your developmental objectives, the behaviours / strategies you plan to use, how to practice these behaviours, and how to get feedback and support along the way.
  • help you to access resources (e.g. information on leadership strategies, models and tools).
  • challenge you (e.g. to re-frame a problem or to move outside your ‘comfort zone’).
  • provide support and encouragement.
  • provide an ‘accountability mechanism’ to keep you on-track and making progress with developmental work.


A typical coaching relationship involving IWC consists of three one-hour meetings between the coachee and the coach. These meetings may be separated by several weeks. They may be done face to face, by telephone or via Skype. Each meeting will have clear objectives. For example, at the first meeting, the focus may be on:

  • getting to know each other;
  • agreeing on the nature of the relationship (the ‘ground rules’, roles, etc.);
  • understanding the coachee’s work context, challenges and developmental needs;
  • identifying how coaching can help and what to focus on (i.e. setting some goals);
  • focussing on 1-2 key issues;
  • agreeing on some work for the coachee to do before the next meeting (e.g. reading, practicing new approaches, etc.); and
  • summarising what was agreed.


For more information on coaching, we recommend reading the Centre for Creative Leadership Booklet titled: “Leadership Coaching: When It’s Right and When You’re Ready”.

Who can benefit

This service can use used by any water practitioner who:

  • is motivated to work with a coach to build leadership skills;
  • is prepared to be challenged and do work between coaching sessions;
  • has the opportunity to practice leadership behaviours and strategies (i.e. is currently working through real leadership challenges);
  • speaks fluent English; and
  • has the capacity to pay for the service (see below for typical costs).


How to use the service

  1. Select a coach that best meets your needs.
  2. Make contact with them and agree on the nature of the service (e.g. the number of meetings, how they will be conducted, when they will occur, etc.).
  3. Agree on payment options. In most cases, the coach will invoice you directly for three sessions. Once payment is made, the first session will begin.
  4. Start the first session.


Water leadership coach profiles

Dr André Taylor

Leadership Specialist, International WaterCentre

Andre Taylor

Contact details

Ph. +61 4 3818 2709

Based in NSW, Australia

For more information

André (BSc Hons, MEM, PhD) leads the design and delivery of the IWC’s Water Leadership Program, Water Leadership Master Class and customised leadership short courses. He also conducts the coaching sessions for the IWC Water Leadership Program each year.

André completed his PhD in water-related leadership at Monash University, and has worked in the Australian water industry for 19 years. He has worked in the private and public sectors.

He also directs his own consulting business, and works as the Course Coordinator for the Leadership in a Complex Environment course at the University of NSW (Masters of Business and Technology, Australian Graduate School of Management).

André is a keynote speaker on water and sustainability leadership. He has also published leadership-related papers in publications such as Water Science & Technology, the Sage Environmental Leadership Handbook, and the world’s premier leadership journal, The Leadership Quarterly.

André is a trained and experienced coach, counsellor and mentor. Training includes the Australian Institute of Management’s Coaching and Mentoring Program.


Wouter T. Lincklaen Arriëns

Leadership Coach, TransformationFirst.Asia Pty Ltd

Wouter Lincklaen Arriens



Contact details

Ph. +65 6631 8527

Based in Philippines and Indonesia

For more information

Wouter is a trained coach and facilitator, and a member of the International Association of Coaching. He works with aspiring leaders in Asia and elsewhere who want to expand beyond self-imposed limitations. His clients are in business, government, and civil society, and include mid-career and senior specialists, and executives. He also helps young professionals and youth leaders.

As a leading water specialist of the Asian Development Bank for more than 20 years until 2013, he helped clients in investment projects, change management, stakeholder engagement, leadership development, and regional cooperation.

He is a lecturer and coach for sustainability leadership at the United Nations University in Tokyo, a member of the Global Water Partnership's Technical Committee, a senior advisor of the Network of Asian River Basin Organizations, and a leadership coach and advisor to the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education.

Wouter has led a stream of innovations for water security and governance and has authored the Global Quality Standards for Water Leadership Development Programs.


Dr Karen Benn

Lecturer in Integrated Water Management, International WaterCentre

Karen BennContact details
Ph. +61 4 3818 2709
Based International WaterCentre in Brisbane, Queensland Australia

For more information

Karen has a Bachelor of Education in Environmental Science, a Master in Environmental Science from Monash and Macquarie Universities; and a Post-Graduate degree in Deafness Studies from Melbourne University. Her PhD study in Environmental Science and Sociology investigated farmer resistance to nutrient management issues affecting water quality in the Great Barrier Reef.

Karen has worked as an environmental educator in a variety of organisations including Landcare and James Cook University. She was commissioned to write the State of the Environment Australia 1996 Teacher’s Study Guide and the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Community Education Strategy. Karen has also served as the Victorian State Delegate for the Australian Association of Environmental Education and the Vice President of the Victorian Association of Environmental Education. Karen’s experience includes: sustainable agriculture publications for Murray Darling Basin Authority; an Environmental Management System for Melbourne Water Sewerage Division; Stormwater management for the NSW EPA Solutions to Pollution Campaign; and WQ policy for the Wet Tropical Coast Regional Coastal Management Plan.

Karen has enjoyed the opportunity to coach and mentor staff and colleagues who desired to: move into management roles; manage volunteers and intern staff; conduct staff training; manage human resource and equal employment opportunity issues with team members; and develop team members’ capacity and competencies.

Karen is now responsible for the Final Projects for the Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM) program and holds an Adjunct Lectureship in the School of Chemical Engineering at The University of Queensland (Australia). She has published books and academic journal papers on water quality and resource management issues and continues to research the social, environmental and economic factors involved in developing environmental policy and outcomes that affect the sustainable management of natural resources and water quality.

Typical rates:

Please contact your preferred coach for a quote. As a guide, the current rate for an IWC coach is AUD$600 for three, one hour coaching sessions (plus 10% goods and services tax).

If you would like to discuss this service please contact the IWC’s Leadership Specialst, Dr André Taylor on, ph. 04 3818 2709, or contact your preferred coach directly.


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