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Stakeholder engagement and communications

Stakeholder engagement - websitesAsian Development Bank

ADB established the Asia Pacific Water Forum, who in turn founded the KnowledgeHubs. The ADB website gives unique access to News and Events, Data and research and Publications specifically concerned with the Asian Pacific Region. Sectors include water and clean energy, while themes include capacity building, climate change etc.

Stakeholder engagement - websites

Asia Pacific Water Forum – APWF

The Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF) has a large range of stakeholders, from international institutions to local NGO’s, with the same invested interests of tackling water issues that face the Asia-Pacific region. In calling for the creation of (APWF), the region's water ministers sought to establish an effective mechanism to encourage more collaborative efforts on water resources management and to accelerate the process of effective integration of water resources management into the socio-economic development process of the Asian and Pacific region.

Stakeholder engagement - websitesAustralian Water Research Facility – AWRF

The Australian Water Research Facility (AWRF) is a research partnership between AusAID& the IWC for water and development issues in the Asia Pacific region.

Stakeholder engagement - websitesPacific Islands - Applied Geosciences and Technology Division – SOPAC

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s (SPC) aims to help pacific island people face challenges in an effective way through informed decision making for their future, and the well-being of future generations.  Any island member country can request assistance from the SOPAC Division. Benefits accrue to island member countries directly through the provision of basic geological knowledge and indirectly, through improvements in land and ocean use, leading to improved health through water and sanitation provision, wealth generation through the development of mineral resources, hazard and disaster management and sustainable development by taking into account the geo-environmental impacts of development.


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