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River Basin Management

River basin management - networkingNetwork of Asian River Basin Organisations – NARBO

NARBO promotes integrated water resource management (IWRM) in monsoonal areas in the Asia-pacific Region. Through training, information exchange and IWRM, NARBO aims to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of River Basin Organisations and improve water governance. Signing up to the NARBO website gives access to a knowledge sharing database providing information and education and training.


River basin management - networking

Korea Water Resource Corporation – K-water – Water Quality Management for River Basins

K-water is one of the 17 regional Knowledgehubs established by APWF. K-water’s 40years of experience leads to the development of transparent and ethical governance frameworks for river basins. Signing up to K-water gives access to unique knowledge and information for water quality management for river basins.


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