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Key websites

Restoration and rehabilitation

Restoration - websitesInternational network of erosion and sedimentation

The International Network of Erosion and Sedimentation is one of the 17 Knowledge Hubs established by APWF.  Since its founding, the International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation (IRTCES) has devoted itself to research and training to solve scientific and engineering problems related to erosion and sedimentation


Restoration - websitesCentre of River Basin Organisations and Management

The Centre of River Basin Organisations and Management (CRBOM) is one of the 17 Knowledge Hubs established by APWF.  Building on the comprehensive expertise of river basin organisations in Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia, the Centre will compile, produce and share expertise within IWRM-based, development-oriented river basin management. By its own capacity, or jointly with partners, the Centre will undertake research and development, produce documentation, and provide advisory services and education.


Restoration - websitesInternational RiverFoundation

International RiverFoundation (IRF) works in partnerships around the world to fund and promote the sustainable restoration and management of river basins. IRF are knowledge partners with the Healthy Rivers Hub.


Restoration - websitesMinistry of water resources, The People’s Republic of China

The Ministry of water resources is responsible for the complete management and development of water decision making and infrastructure in China.


Restoration - websitesNational Water Commission

 The National Water Commission (NWC) is one of the 15 knowledge partners, along with IWC, who host the Healthy Rivers Hub. In Australia, the driving force behind sustainable water management is provided by the NWC. NWC provides information on ‘Water for the Environment’ as part of restoration and rehabilitation.


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