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Floodplain and coastal management

Floodplain and coastal management - publications

Tools / Resources

The Wetlands Alliance Program

The Wetlands Alliance Program is an association of regional and local partners focusing on local wetland management as an entry point to poverty alleviation in the Mekong region.  This website includes upcoming events, publications, news, blogs and a forum for members.

Wetland Conceptual Model Case Study Series – EPA wetland info

Wetland conceptual model case studies are easy to understand visual guides to selected individual wetlands in Queensland, Australia. Each case study provides conceptual models and text to convey site-specific information to inform management. This technique can be implemented by any local wetland managers in Queensland

Floodplain and coastal management - publications


  • Arthington, AH and Balcombe, SR 2011,'Extreme hydrologic variability and the boom and bust ecology of fish in arid-zone floodplain rivers: a case study with implications for environmental flows, conservation and management',Ecohydrology2011, DOI: 10.1002/eco.221.
  • KarimF.,Kinsey-Henderson, A, Wallace, J, Arthington, AH and Pearson, R 2011,'Wetland connectivity during over bank flooding in a tropical floodplain in north Queensland, Australia',Hydrological Processes.
  • Leigh, C, Burford, MA, Sheldon, F and Bunn, SE2010,'Dynamic stability in dry season food webs within tropical floodplain rivers',Marine and Freshwater Research,vol. 61, pp. 357–68.
  • Leigh,CF, Sheldon, R, Kingsford, T and Arthington, AH 2010,'Sequential floods drive ‘booms’ and wetland persistence in dryland rivers: a synthesis',Marine and Freshwater Research, vol. 61, no. 8, pp. 896–908.
  • Medeiros, ESF and Arthington, AH 2010,'Allochthonous and autochthonous carbon sources for fish in floodplain lagoons of an Australian drylandriver',Environmental Biology of Fishes, vol.90, pp. 1–17.
  • Medeiros, ESF and Arthington, AH 2011 'Flood inundation and the temporal dynamics of floodplain waterholes in an Australian drylandriver', In: Floodplains: Physical Geography, Ecology and Societal Interactions." Nova Science Publishers.
  • Tan, PL 2008, ‘Collaborative Water Planning: A Legal and Policy Analysis, Report to the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge (TRaCK) program’, Land & Water Australia, Canberra, pp1-167.



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