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Key websites

Environmental flows and hydrology

Environmental flows - websitesEflowNet

EflowNet provides information and knowledge on the topic of environmental Flows. They, like IWC, understand the importance of knowledge generation and providing a focal point where the knowledge is readily available.

Becoming a member to the EflowNet gives access to resources and networks generated by experts in the field. Resources include global case studies, Education and training, and also presentations. Membership is free and easy to acquire.

Environmental flows - websitesMurray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA)

The Murray-Darling Basin is Australia’s most resourced river basin.  MDBA gives an actual representation of a heavily resourced river basin and ways in which to restore environmental flows and rehabilitate ecosystems.

Environmental flows - websitesGriffith Australian Rivers Institute – aquatic ecosystems monitoring

The Australian Rivers Institute is a body of academic experts from Griffith University whose mission is to do world-class science that improves our understanding of global river systems. The Australia Rivers Institute is a partner in the Healthy Rivers Hub and provides several resources on their focus area of Environment flows and rehabilitation.





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