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Coastal health assessment and ecology

Coastal health assessment and ecology - publicationsPublications

  • Creel, L (2003), ‘Ripple Effects: Population and Coastal Regions’,PRB Making the Link
  • Lincoln Smith M, Pitt KA, Bell J, Mapstone B (2006), ‘Use of impact assessment techniques to assess the effectiveness of a marine protected area for restoring populations of valuable commercial invertebrates’, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 63(6):1251-1266.
  • Pantus, F.J., and Dennison, W.C. (2005). ‘Quantifying and Evaluating Ecosystem Health: A Case Study from Moreton Bay, Australia’. Environmental Management (New York). 36(5): 757-771
  • Pitt KA, Connolly RM, Maxwell P (2009), ‘Redistribution of sewage nitrogen in estuarine food webs following sewage treatment upgrades’,  Marine Pollution Bulletin 58:573-580.



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