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Capability statement - International WaterCentre

International WaterCentreAbout us

The International WaterCentre (IWC) provides education and training, applied research and expert services to promote a whole-of-water cycle approach and develop capacity in integrated water management around the world.

We draw from some of the best and most experienced researchers and practitioners in relevant disciplines to design solutions to current and future water management challenges.

The mission of the IWC is to create tomorrow’s leaders in water management by changing the way people think about, act and solve complex water management challenges.


IWC’s Expertise

The three areas of IWC business- education and training, applied research and expert services- are intricately linked and draw from each other to promote best practice in integrated water management

Education and Training–

  • Provides postgraduate program in Integrated Water Management
    Provides tailored education and training programs designed to suit client’s needs

Applied Research in

  • Integrated water management
  • Water sensitive cities
  • Healthy rivers and aquatic ecosystems
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Science – policy integration

Expert Service

  • Provides strategic and scientific advice on key management issues


Contribution to the Healthy Rivers Hub

As the regional water knowledge hub for healthy rivers and aquatic ecosystems, IWC collaborates with government entities, water sector agencies, non-government organisations, communities, regional organisations, public and private corporations and others to:

  • Identify, generate and exchange best practices and the most up-to-date information
  • Provide training and postgraduate courses in integrated water resource management
  • Develop and share a framework for monitoring and evaluating the health of rivers and aquatic ecosystems
  • Create a pool of experts, water leaders, and champions with the knowledge to protect and restore rivers and aquatic ecosystems
  • Train and mentor water agencies and communities around the Asia-Pacific region


Relevant Experience and Project Highlights

The River Health and Environmental Flow in China Project aims to develop frameworks and methodologies for measuring river health and calculating environmental flow requirements.

IWC has contributed to the forthcoming Asian Water Development Outlook 2011, which will provide a comprehensive view of the Asia-Pacific’s current water security.

IWC has produced ecological report cards in the following systems:

  • Strictland River, Papua New Guinea
  • Tweed River, Australia
  • Great Lakes, Australia (forthcoming)

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