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Capability statement - International RiverFoundation

International RiverFoundationAbout us


  • The International RiverFoundation rewards and gives recognition for the restoration and sustainable management of the world's rivers, lakes and wetlands to improve the health of these precious resources and the communities that depend on them.
  • International RiverFoundation is a passionate about sharing knowledge to restore the world’s rivers and an active partner of the Healthy Rivers and Aquatic Ecosystems Knowledge Hub (Healthy Rivers Hub).
  • As a dynamic, public benefit, environmental organisation we form partnerships with organisations that deliver meaningful, measurable and life-changing results for individuals and communities through the restoration and sustainable management of rivers.
  • International RiverFoundation’s global network extends to more than thirty-five countries and allows us to design and implement partnerships that integrate health, ecological, economic and social outcomes across the countries in which your organisation operates. 



  • Communicating science to publish papers to inform stakeholders
  • Projects leading to significant improvements in water quality
  • Coordinating effective partnerships (between communities, industry, government etc)
  • Advising on sewage treatment upgrades
  • Enhancing aquatic biodiversity (freshwater, estuarine and marine)
  • Developing river restoration projects to enhance economic sustainability and farm profitability while achieving environmentally sustainable outcomes
  • Action plans for water and wind erosion control, stream degradation, conserving remnant vegetation, riparian fencing, water quality monitoring and river health monitoring
  • Programs to effectively manage fisheries, agriculture, irrigation, forestry, water resources management, capacity building, economic development, navigation and tourism
  • Implementing real-time monitoring of river flows and data analysis
  • Digital mapping of cultivation to effectively assess irrigation needs
  • Transboundary management governance and cooperation
  • Wetland construction
  • Innovative watering processes and techniques



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