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Capability statement - Healthy Waterways

Healthy WaterwaysAbout us

Healthy Waterways is a not-for-profit organisation working to protect and improve waterway health in South East Queensland (SEQ). Healthy Waterways facilitates careful planning and coordinated efforts at local and regional levels among a network of member organisations from government, industry, research and the community to deliver the Healthy Waterways Vision:

By 2026, our waterways and catchments will be healthy ecosystems supporting the livelihoods and lifestyles of people in South East Queensland, and will be managed through collaboration between community, government and industry.



To support our members and achieve our Vision, Healthy Waterways delivers four program areas:

  • Science and Innovation Program provides independent scientific advice on waterway health issues, develops innovative decision support tools and ensures that rigorous science underpins regional work.
  • Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program delivers one of the most comprehensive marine, estuarine and freshwater monitoring programs in Australia. The program highlights whether the health of SEQ’s waterways is improving or declining, and provides insight into the issues impacting on waterway health.
  • Water by Design Program enables individuals and organisations to achieve sustainable urban water management as well as providing leading edge advice on Total Water Cycle Management.
  • Communication, Education and Motivation Program implements initiatives that engage and educate the community, and motivates individual and collective community action.


Contribution to the Healthy Rivers Hub

Healthy Waterways is an enabling organisation that:

  • improves understanding about waterway health
  • provides rigorous science to underpin plans and policies
  • prioritises waterway health activities
  • builds capacity by sharing knowledge and resources
  • brings people together to ensure a regional approach
  • ensures cost efficiencies through coordinated efforts
  • educates and motivates the community to take action
  • recognises and rewards waterway health achievements.


Relevant Experience and Project Highlights

Healthy Waterways is a unique organisation. We are the only independent, non-government organisation in Australia that brings people together across multiple sectors to manage waterway health. We believe that regional collaboration across the whole water cycle is the key to improving waterway health.

Scientists and policy-makers have extensively studied the Healthy Waterways’ collaborative model, including representatives from the Chinese, Singapore and Philippine governments. Our work has also attracted national attention with formal commendations from the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists and the House of Representatives. In 2009, Healthy Waterways was awarded the highly prestigious national ‘Banksia Environmental Award for Water’ in recognition of our collaborative approach. More recently, Healthy Waterways won the Australian Water Association's 2011 National Program Innovation Award.




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