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Capability statement - Brisbane City Council

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Brisbane City Council is the largest local government in Australia. Our responsibility is to support the liveability of Brisbane by managing water sustainably. We work in partnership with a variety of government agencies, peak bodies, industry, regional partners and stakeholders and community organisations to build a better Brisbane.

Council actively protects and manages the river, bay and local waterways ensuring their continued value and wide use as ecological, recreational, economic and environmental assets. Council actively engages with stakeholders around catchment management.

The Council protects and manages Brisbane’s water cycle through seeking integrated water supply, wastewater management, stormwater management, drainage management and waterway management planning with wider land use and infrastructure planning. This suite of work ensures clean and healthy waterways and water resources, providing sustainable water supplies to Brisbane’s community and supporting the economic prosperity of the city and the South East Queensland region.


  • Council has been recognised and awarded as a water leader in our approach, attracting skilled experts in their field from around the world.
  • Council’s Water Smart City program takes a total water cycle management approach to manage the health of the city’s waterways, the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay.
  • Council employs a broad range of water related professionals, including environmental engineering and science relating to water sensitive urban design and waterway health.
  • Council capabilities include project management, policy, strategy and plan development, delivery and community engagement. Council has a focus on delivery and being able to connect and engage with the community on waterway health outcomes.
  • Council has specific skills in waterway monitoring, evaluation and waterway enhancement projects, including creek rehabilitation, erosion control and water sensitive urban design delivery.


Contribution to the Healthy Rivers Hub

  • The Brisbane City Council’s ability to inform and collaborate with both State and Federal Government during decision making processes regarding healthy waterways issues enables it to make significant contributions to the Healthy Rivers Hub.
  • Council represents government in across boundary issues as well as setting the agenda regarding regulatory and planning requirements, engagement with various community groups and stakeholders as well as on-ground issues including research focus, planning controls, and legislative reform.


Relevant Experience and Project Highlights

  • In an Australian first, The Norman Creek 2026 project - the rejuvenation of an entire inner-city catchment will transform this urbanised catchment into a well connected, healthy, living example of waterway restoration over the next 15 years.
  • Council’s WaterSmart City Strategy (released in November 2010) supports increasing the livability of Brisbane by  managing water sustainably. One of its key outcome areas is healthy river and bay.
  • Council runs a Creek Catchment Ranger program, engaging with over 3000 people in creek improvement activities - from school learning programs to advocacy to setting up programs to rehabilitate degraded areas which provide some 40,000 volunteer hours annually into the protection and restoration of waterways within Brisbane.
  • In 2010/11 financial year a $4.2 Million waterway health enhancement program delivered creek rehabilitation and water sensitive urban design projects to ensure our roads, waterways and parks are well designed and include sustainable water quality improvement devices that remove pollutants before they go into our creeks and Moreton Bay.



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