IWC welcomes Nepal Town Development Fund professionals for Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship

IWC welcomes Nepal Town Development Fund professionals for Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship

A group of 14 fellows – 12 men and two women from urban and rural areas of Nepal – have come to Australia to study a four-week training program on Water Supply and Sanitation through Integrated Water Management (IWM) with the International WaterCentre (IWC). The program is funded by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) through their Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship program.

IWC welcomes Nepal Town Development Fund professionals for Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship

Fellows learning about river management during a cruise along the Swan River

The fellowship aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and promote innovative water and sanitation management in urban, peri-urban and rural Nepal. Issues in delivering improved water and sanitation facilities in Nepal are spread across the areas of:

  • technical (high proportions of water loss in piped systems), to environmental (difficult mountainous terrain and climate change impacting glacial water sources),
  • health (impacts of insufficient and poor quality water and lack of hygienic toilet facilities) to financial (productive time lost from illness or fetching water, and lack of funding at the government level for rehabilitating old infrastructure or constructing new facilities), and
  • social (burden of care for the sick and water management in the household falling mainly on women).

These complex challenges need to be tackled using a holistic and integrated approach.

The fellows, who come from the Town Development Fund of Nepal and some of its urban and peri-urban municipalities, are mainly engineers and infrastructure planners, working in planning, design, and implementation; monitoring, operations and maintenance, and asset management; establishing, training and working with Water User Associations, and stakeholder engagement.

IWC ALA Fellowship Nepal 2The fellows will undertake an academic program consisting of three weeks in Perth at the University of Western Australia, and one week in Brisbane. Lectures, guest speakers and field trips will enable participants to explore IWM principles and Australian experiences in water management, by delving into a wide range of topics such as community engagement, sustainability, catchment management, sanitation and cultural values around water.

Field visits in Western Australia and Queensland will allow the fellows to see examples of innovative practice in operation, from small, decentralised technologies at households, to large centralised treatment plants operated by utilities. Such visits will help consolidate the principles of integrated water management taught during the academic program.

More information

The International WaterCentre custom-designs capacity development programs to international water and sanitation professionals. For more information about these programs please contact Ms Fiona Chandler (Program Manager) at


Dr Stewart Dallas demonstrates the use of greywater recycling at his home

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