IWC Water Leadership Coaching Services

IWC Water Leadership Coaching Services

Become a better leader in the water sector by working individually with one of IWC’s experienced and qualified leadership coaches.
IWC Water Leadership Coaching Services

The most effective integrated water management leaders have the knowledge, skills and confidence to exert influence and drive change to advance challenging integrated water management projects. IWC leadership coaches can help you develop these abilities through strategies such as:

  • enhancing your ability to engage in ‘self-leadership’
  • identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and specific developmental objectives
  • working through real challenging issues you are facing
  • providing you with access to practical resources (e.g. leadership tools)
  • building a personalised leadership development plan
  • managing your career
  • strengthening specific leadership skills
  • providing support and encouragement, as well as opportunities for reflection
  • providing an accountability mechanism to accelerate development


A typical coaching relationship involving IWC leadership coaches consists of three one-hour meetings between the coachee and the coach. These meetings may be separated by several weeks and be conducted face to face, by telephone or via Skype.

You can engage an IWC leadership coach at any time, irrespective of whether you have completed any of the IWC’s leadership development programs or short courses.

Having a leadership coach can be a powerful developmental relationship. If you are motivated and prepared to be challenged in order to grow as a water leader, visit to learn more about IWC Water Leadership Coaching Services.


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