IWC Masters student presents at All-Energy Australia 2014

IWC Masters student presents at All-Energy Australia 2014

Murray Dancey, Project Manager for Energy Efficiency at Wannon Water, Victoria presented a session titled Developing a Large Embedded Renewable Energy Project for a Regional Victorian Community.

IWC Masters student presents at All-Energy Australia 2014

Murray Dancey, Project Manager – Energy Efficiency Wannon Water (L), Ivor Frischknecht, CEO, ARENA and Nic Jacobson, Senior Engineer, Renewable Energy at IT Power (Australia)

The All-Energy Australia Conference is a multi-track, two-day event focused on renewable and clean energy project development, technology, and policy and finance issues.

Mr Dancey’s presentation – the Water-Energy Nexus, the Urban Metabolism impacts of wastewater treatment, and how communities can consider the inter-related aspects of energy and renewable power generation to enable more sustainable cities – was introduced by Ivor Frischknecht, CEO of ARENA.

“I wanted to demonstrate the water-energy nexus, especially in regards to rising demands from waste water treatment, and how communities might use renewable energy to increase the sustainability of their energy supply,” Mr Dancey said.

“I introduced Wannon Water’s innovative wind energy project, which will produce the first net-zero city-scale water supply system in Australia.”

Mr Dancey also presented recently-released findings from the WSAA Energy Efficiency Benchmarking for WWTP report, a project that he managed during 2013-14.


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Murray Dancey has extensive experience across a wide range of industries. He is currently Wannon Water Project Manager for Strategy and Innovation at an integrated water utility servicing 80,000 customers. He is working on multi-site energy analysis, business-wide efficiency and innovation, greenhouse reporting and project management of energy efficiency initiatives.

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